Domain broker service

Buying a registered domain name is now possible with Genious Communications!

If the domain name you want is already registered by someone else, Genious Communications’ domain broker service is your springboard to acquire it.

Express your need and let us take care of the rest!

What is a domain broker service?

The brokerage service consists of bringing in an intermediary specializing in domain names to buy an unavailable domain registered by another entity.

This intermediary's mission is to contact the domain owner, negotiate the purchase price and facilitate the sale of this domain name to the requester of this service.

Why should I use Genious Communications broker service?

Genious Communications is one of the leaders in the moroccan domain name market.
To help you get the domain name you want, we set up a team of professional consultants and negotiators whose principal task is to get you the registered domain name and help you start your business thanks to its attractive traffic!


Choose the domain name you want to acquire and let our experts do the domain broker service process! We first identify the current domain name owner, then we reach out to him to see if he is willing to sell the domain name.

Trading expertise

Genious Communications’ team follows an approved trading method! Our negotiation experts assess the domain name’s value, settle the price, make an offer then make sure to buy the domain name in short order.


We preserve our buyer clients anonymity throughout the entire trading process.

Secure transaction

You will only pay the domain’s negotiated price. Genious Communications ensures a secure transactions.

How to benefit from the domain broker service ?

Genious Communications hires a team of domain broker’s experts in order to help you purchase the domain name you want in the shortest time.

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