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Purchase a generic extension (gTLD)

A generic Top-Level Domain, or gTLD, is a domain intended to host subdomains having a common characteristic other than geographic. For example, .com is intended to host commercial-type sub-domains, today it is used by multiple entities.
(Or : A generic Top-Level Domains - or gTLD - are Internet extensions that are mainly intended for use in specific domain classes, such as .com (commercial), .org (organization), etc.)

Order a national extension (ccTLD)

Country Code Top-Level Domains such as .ma (Morocco), .fr (France) or .uk (United Kingdom) refer, as you can see, to a country or territory and can only be registered by citizens of the corresponding country.
The ccTLD Domains registration rules, policies and procedures may vary considerably from one country to another.

Buy your new extension (new gTLD)

New gTLDs are available at Genious! Register your domain name now using the following extensions: .guru, .gallery, .equipment, .photography, .bike, .plumbing, .clothing, .ventures, .holdings, .camera, .estate, .graphics, .lighting, etc.

FAQ about domain extensions

  • Which extension is right for my domain?

    Your domain extension choice should match on your business strategy and the purpose of your Website. You can choose gTLD extensions (eg. .com, .net, .biz, etc) or a ccTLD extension that refer to your country or territory (eg. .ma, .uk, .fr, etc).
    Note that to protect your brand and in order to prevent someone else from using your name with a different extension, it is preferable to register your domain name in multiple extensions.

  • Can I purchase any extension for my domain name ?

    Yes, Genious Communications provides you more than 395 extensions so you can choose the ones that suit you the most. Some extensions like "", "" or "" require prior consideration by the ANRT. Here is the request form that should be filled for this:

    • "": Attach to this form all documents showing that the applicant is an educational institution with appropriate authorizations.
    • «»: Attach to this form all documents showing that the applicant is a media institution that has the appropriate authorizations.
    • «» : for government agencies.
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