Become a domain name reseller and take advantage from our various discounts

Why become a domain name reseller ?

With the Domain Name Reseller service from Genious Communications, benefit from numerous advantages over our reseller rates with discounts up to 15% for each registration, renewal or transfer.

You can also have API access if you have a large number of customers, and you want to automate the sale of domain names on your platform.


5% Discount

.net 13.00 € 14.00 €
.com 11.00 € 11.50 €
208.50 €


10% Discount

.net 12.50 € 14.00 €
.com 10.50 € 11.50 €
416.50 €

GOLD Refill

15% Discount

.net 12.00 € 14.00 €
.com 10.00 € 11.50 €
833.00 €

Why choose the Genious Domain Name Reseller pack ?

In addition to the quality of services offered by Genious Communications, here are some good reasons to become a reseller :

  • You are dealing with an organization accredited by ICANN and ANRT

  • You can easily manage your domains through your management interface: Registration, Renewal, Transfer, DNS...

  • Progressive discount according to your purchases: Bronze refill 5%, Silver refill 10%, Gold refill 15%.

  • Very wide variety of extensions: Access to more than 350 extensions.

  • 24/7 technical assistance: Undisputed expertise in domain name management.

  • Several payment methods: Credit card, cash, bank transfer, check, paypal...

Domain Name Reseller benefits

You can start your own domain company using the infrastructure and services of Genious Communications.

Custom DNS

You have the possibility to associate your domain names to the DNS servers of your choice directly from your customer area.

Modules for WHMCS

With the Genious Domain Name Reseller Service, you can benefit from different WHMCS modules for a better management of your business.

Global domain name management

Manage easily all your domain names.


  • On what conditions those discounts are granted ?

    Bronze Refill Silver Refill Gold Refill
    If you reach 50 domaines and more 100 domains 200 domains
    You will be granted a discount 5% 10% 15%
  • The amounts you pay refer to the balance you have in your account that you can use to pay for your domain names.

    If you exceed the threshold mentioned on each pack, you will be granted a discount on the other categories, as explained above.

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