Complex hosting

Tailored solution for your high traffic website

High traffic website

You manage a website with high traffic and it consumes a lot in terms of databases? Your website meets seasonal activity that generates sudden traffic spikes?

This high attendance, a sign of the popularity of your websites is not without constraints.It may decrease the performance of the website, furthermore, make it unavailable in worst cases. Results? A degraded user experience and a customer disappointed by his visit due to the slowliness of the loading , lack of fluidity and unavailability of the website...

While many solutions exist, each case must be assessed in the light of its characteristics to understand the constraints and limiting points.

Hosting on outsourced dedicated servers

We set up your architecture based on dedicated servers which we ensure the monitoring and maintenance 24h/ 24 and 7j/7.

Cache system

Once the project is ready, the implementation of case servers is a good way to improve the performance of your website.

Load balancing

To manage the scalability of your website, taffic is distributed across all of your servers to prevent overloading of one of them.


In case of overload of your primary server, a secondary server takes over to ensure continuous operation of your site.

High availability

Now, you can experience a high-speed access, with over Gbps global network capacity. Moreover, all of our exchange points, bandwidth and carrier network infrustructure are monitored to protect your website against disruptions.

Load balancing

All of your dedicated servers and cloud servers are hosted within our data centers which are fully redundant at all levels of the infrastructure. Your dedicated servers and web hosting Cloud benefit from seamless availability.

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