Google Workspace: Today's Best Collaboration Tool for Business

Multiple missions, one solution

Take advantage of the most popular applications through a cloud communication platform to establish a virtual work environment. Google Workspace is a multi-function collaboration platform with real-time sharing and synchronization options to facilitate teamwork across your business portfolio.

Get Google Workspace Immediately with Genious Communications

Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Business Starter

71.50 € /Year

per user (max. 300 users)

  • Personalized and secure business email address
  • Video conferences welcoming 100 participants
  • 30 GB cloud storage space per user
  • Management and security options
  • Standard assistance

Business Standard

117.00 € /Year

per user (max. 300 users)

  • Personalized and secure business email address
  • Video conferences welcoming 150 participants + video recording
  • 2TB cloud storage space per user
  • Management and security options
  • Standard assistance

Business Plus

175.50 € /Year

per user (max. 300 users)

  • Personalized and secure business email address + eDiscovery, preservation
  • Video conferences welcoming 250 participants + video recording, follow-up of participation
  • 5TB cloud storage space per user
  • Advanced security and management features including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard assistance


Choosing Genious Communications means, above all, choosing simple solutions that meet your perspective

It is on the basis of this vision that we designed the Enterprise Pack, to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • The Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans are accessible by a maximum number of 300 users, while the Enterprise pack has no user limits.

  • Secure and personalized business messaging + eDiscovery, preservation, S / MIME encryption

  • Video conferences for 250 participants + video recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation and live broadcast in the dom

  • As much storage space as needed

  • Advanced security, management, and compliance features including Vault, Data Loss Protection, Data Location Selection, and Enterprise Endpoint Management

  • Advanced assistance

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Stimulate innovation in your business

Google Workspace facilitates teamwork to improve your performance with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and accessible at all times.

Stay connected ... even on the go

The working method within companies has evolved a lot in recent years. Indeed, a growing number of employees now have the ability to carry out their daily tasks while on the move or from their homes.

Google Workspace allows you to do your work from anywhere and on any device: pc, tablet, laptop .... And since the structure of Google Workspace is based on the cloud, all the essential tools to maintain optimal productivity are at your disposal.

Connecting with your customers

Specially created and adapted for teleworking, Google Workspace offers you solutions for video calling, online chats, and sharing your files securely. It makes everyday work easier for you and also helps you develop the relationships that are essential for your business.

Your project, our working basis!

Genious Communications offers you its support and outsourcing services for your server to accompany you during the life cycle of your applications, thus avoiding you to worry about the technical details of your platform.

Our listening combined with our years of experience guide us through the essentials of the work to be done while adopting an appropriate and simplified language for you to understand us. The popularization of the technique, in addition to our ethics and our sense of commitment, are our greatest asset in establishing close ties with our customers.

Simplicity and ingenuity

With Google Workspace, you have the office tools you are already familiar with, plus other innovative assets, for smarter work. Collaborate in real time with your colleagues, attend your meetings without leaving your chair and manage your documents without problems.

Top-notch safety

Maximum protection of your business data tailored to your needs. You benefit from a two key identification factor to repel intruders as well as suspicious connection monitoring to alert you to suspicious activity. This is all possible thanks to a centralized management of the access to the cloud.

Data migration

Migrating your old emails can be done from any email system you already use, so you don't have to start from scratch.

Adequate storage

Save and exchange all your most useful documents, videos and whatever you want: you have a considerable cloud storage space starting from 30 GB. Search and find your documents easily thanks to the smart search option.

Professional messaging

Earn more legitimacy with your customer base by contacting them via professional emails from your tailor-made address.

The most essential Google Workspace apps

Ideal features for optimal productivity

A professional and secure email account

Gmail for business allows you to have a business email address displaying your business name (e.g. [email protected]). Chat and make video calls from your Gmail account securely.

Risk-free cloud storage

Unlike files stored in physical servers or computers, Google Drive's secure cloud storage protects your business from accidental data loss and gives you enough space for all your documents, not to mention the smart search option. which saves you time.

Be even more efficient!

Google Workspace offers word processing (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), as well as presentations (Slides), and everything is easily accessible from your web browser, without using additional software! Edit your documents in real time and view your history whenever you want.

An agenda to meet your commitments

When you own a business, knowing how to manage your time is essential. Google Calendar helps you do this in order to capitalize on your team as much as possible. You can easily share your schedules, organize your meetings while improving teamwork within your company.

Live chats, video calls and video conferences

With Google Meet, you can set up your video meetings in no time. No need for plugins, you just have to prepare your meeting and share the link. Google Chat promotes teamwork by connecting all employees securely.

Easy making of surveys and forms

Google Forms brings you closer to your customers and your team to get your hands on essential information through premium, easy-to-design surveys. You can even interact with your customers in real time and review the information collected in Google Sheets.

Write down your ideas and activities

With easy organization, you can save your notes and create daily to-do lists while filtering everything by color, label or attribute.

You need help ? Our experts are at your disposal !

Google Workspace tools are easy to use, but you can always contact us if needed

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Comparative table of Google Workspace offers

Google workspace Business Starter

Google workspace Business Standard

Google workspace Business Plus


Gmail Work email address
Personalized email address for your business
Phishing and spam protection that blocks over 99.9% of attacks
Meet Teleconferencing and videoconferencing

100 participants

150 participants

250 participants

250 participants

Maximum meeting time

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours

U.S. or international phone numbers to dial
Digital whiteboard
Meeting recordings stored in Google Drive
Drive Secure cloud storage

30 GB per user

2 TB per user

5 TB per user


Drive File Stream
Compatible with over 100 file types
Shared drives for your team
Chat Team messaging
Enable or disable default history
Automatically accept invitations
Chat outside the domain
Shared agendas
Browse and book conference rooms
Docs, Sheets, Slides Collaborative content creation
Keep – Shared Notes
Sites - Website builder tool
Forms – Survey creation tool
Interoperability with Office files
Easier analyzes thanks to Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup and Answers
AppSheet Developing apps without code
Currents Communication with your employees
Cloud Search Smart search

Proprietary data

Proprietary data

Proprietary and third-party data

FAQ Google Workspace

  • What exactly is Google Workspace?

    Google Workspace is a cloud solution that allows you to increase the level of your productivity within your company, by offering you several useful features for the proper functioning of the company. Google Workspace brings together all the tools that allow companies to function well everyday with an all-in-one plan: emails, schedules to share, cloud storage, video meetings and much more.

    With Google Workspace, all your files and data are securely stored in the cloud.

  • Why choose Genious Communications Google workspace?

    You benefit from the world's most popular cloud-based office suite, operated by millions of businesses located across the globe, but also with professional support from Genious Communications who can help you with the installation, training and the cloud, when you need it.

  • How does Google workspace work?

    Google Workspace takes full advantage of the computing power of the cloud. It saves you from dealing with issues related to outdated software, expensive licenses, hardware maintenance etc …

    With Google Workspace, all of your documents and data, including emails, calendars and presentations, are stored in the cloud. All you need is an internet connected device and you’ll be ready to go about your job with complete peace of mind.

  • How do I configure Google Workspace (G Suite) for my organization?

    To configure Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, first you have to access your administrator account and validate your domain to migrate your data. You can then communicate in a professional manner and manage your account and your business with ease. For more information, email us at [email protected]

  • How do I connect my domain name to Google Workspace?

    To connect your domain name to Google Workspace, simply sign in to your DNS console and add your web host record to your DNS console. If you need assistance, send us a ticket at [email protected]

  • Why use Google workspace?

    Google Workspace allows you to save money because you will not be responsible for the maintenance of mail servers (or server rooms), or for the various updates, or data loss caused by traditional storage on computers or physical servers.

  • Can Genious Communications help me migrate my already existing files from another system?

    Yes, our Google Workspace experts will help you get started with your work on Google Workspace. If you want to migrate your emails and / or documents from another system, you can opt for our migration services.

    You will have several choices for migrating your data to Google Workspace, depending on the size of your organization and the system you are leaving. For better assistance, we invite you to send us a request to [email protected]

  • Can I have Google workspace with my current domain name (URL)?

    Yes indeed. This is one of the many benefits of Google Workspace. If you already have a corporate domain name, each user in your domain will have a Google Workspace account available to them on behalf of your domain. Email addresses follow the following pattern: "[email protected]" or "[email protected]", for example.

  • What about installing Google Workspace?

    Installing Google Workspace with the help of Genious Communications is very easy to do. Once you have specified the number of users you need and the domain name in question you want to use for Gmail, our Google Workspace specialists will join you to help you get started!

  • Is Google Workspace compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients?

    Yes, it can be used with Outlook and other services. Your employees can use the interface they already know so well, while benefiting from the high level of protection offered by Google. Your employees will be satisfied and you will make significant savings!

  • What about the cybersecurity of my business?

    Google offers an extremely powerful spam blocker that is already included in Google Workspace. Spam is automatically deleted every 30 days. Virus tracking is also available, and the system is continuously scanning documents before giving users permission to download any files.

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